Bottlerocket – an open-source operating system for containers

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January 2, 2020
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May 10, 2020

Bottlerocket – an open-source operating system for containers

AWS today released of a new, open-source software container operating system Bottlerocket running on bare metal servers or virtual machines.

AWS Bottlerocket is currently available in preview, and is a minimalist operating system
composed of only those components that are absolutely essential for up and running
containers. It supports all Docker images and others that conform to the image
specification of the Open Container Initiative or the OCI.

Bottlerocket uses a simple, image-based model instead of a package update system that
allows for rapid & complete rollback if appropriate. It eliminates friction and breakage
risks, which makes it easier for you to trustfully submit fleet-wide updates using
orchestrators such as EKS.

Bottlerocket uses a file system that is predominantly read-only and that is tested for integrity at boot time via dm-verity, in addition to the minimum package collection. SSH access is not recommonded and is only accessible as part of a separate admin container, which can be allowed when needed, and then used for troubleshooting.

Check it Out Today, AWS has launched a Bottlerocket as a public preview. You can take a look at the GitHub repo.