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March 11, 2020
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Test Preparation Checklist by Dr. Richard Felder

Test Preparation
This checklist was developed by Dr. Richard Felder.
Answer “Yes” only if
you usually did the things described (as opposed to occasionally or never).


__ Yes  __ No  1. Did you make a serious effort to
understand the text? (Just hunting for relevant worked-out examples doesn’t
__ Yes  __ No  2. Did you work with classmates on homework
problems, or at least check your solutions with others?
__ Yes  __ No  3. Did you attempt to outline every homework
problem solution before working with classmates?
__ Yes  __ No  4. Did you participate actively in homework
group discussions (contributing ideas, asking questions)?
__ Yes  __ No  5. Did you consult with the instructor or
teaching assistants when you were having trouble with something?
__ Yes  __ No  6. Did you understand ALL of your homework
problem solutions when they were handed in?
__ Yes  __ No  7. Did you ask in class for explanations of
homework problem solutions that weren’t clear to you?

Test preparation 

__ Yes  __ No  8. If you had a study guide, did you
carefully go through it before the test and convince yourself that you could do
everything on it?
__ Yes  __ No  9. Did you attempt to outline lots of problem
solutions quickly, without spending time on the algebra and calculations?
__ Yes  __ No  10. Did you go over the study guide and
problems with classmates and quiz one another?
__ Yes  __ No  11. If there was a review session before the
test, did you attend it and ask questions about anything you weren’t sure
__ Yes  __ No  12. Did you get a reasonable night’s sleep
before the test? (If your answer is no, your answers to 111 may not

TOTAL:  ____ Yes  ____ No 

The more “Yes” responses you recorded, the better
your preparation for the test. If you recorded two or more “No”
responses, think seriously about making some changes in how you prepare for the
next test. 
Felder, R.M. (1999). Memo to Students who are Disappointed
with Their Last Test Grade.
Engineering Education,
33 (2), 136-137. 
Oakley, B. (2016). A Test Checklist (Lecture Video).
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